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Workshop of Acousmetry®

Prof. Francesco Rampichini -
inventor of Acousmetry®

"Code of geometric proportions, auditorily perceived in the acoustic representation of the spatial perspective."

Kind of course:   Workshop
  Certificate:   Good attendance certificate
Musical and informatic basic knowledges. Suitable for musicians, teachers, communicators, multimedia artists, and all those who wish to learn and use a new transmodale language.
The workshop consist of weekly or fortnightly acousmetric meetings in which will be examinated the major issues and problems related to the creation of multimedia acousmetric works.
All those who want to acquire the tools to understand, use and possibly develop new applications of Acousmetry. Analysis will drive the understanding of mechanisms underlying this language, its multiple uses, and the creation of a work based on it.  Collective exercises corrections wil be conducted.
The workshops will examine old and new works, with special attention to psychoacoustic and synaesthesic aspects. Critical analysis of the works will drive to understand the mechanisms underlying this transmodal language. Collective correction done by the participants will be moments of sharing and exchange in which students strongly interact and participate together. The contribution of individual and group entries are particularly useful for a greater awareness of individual potential.